One of the things we love most about music, is it’s cyclical nature. Of course, you’re always going to have DJs sampling classic songs, like Avicii with Levels, or TJR with Funky Vodka. But lately we’ve seen an uprise in soul music which is not only pleasing the likes of hipsters, but also the older folks as well.

The latest edition to this funky jive-filled trend is London based artist Bo Saris. “She’s on Fire” for some reason makes me think of the music scenes of yesteryear. I just keep picturing Bo Saris in a skinny lapeled suit singing into a mic in front of a smoke filled crowd. I might be off base here, but either way, this is a track that will be appreciated by young and old alike.

Make sure to watch for it’s release on July 16th.

’Bo Saris – Shes On Fire ‘
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