“He came on television and told everyone that he had seen God… So I stopped channel surfing immediately.”  Gil Scott-Heron’s words have always sparked both curiosity and entertainment for me; his introduction on Bobby Womack’s song “Stupid” off of his latest album The Bravest Man In The Universe is no different.  The two are so influential in the music and art worlds that having them together on one work seems almost imaginary.  The lyrics of both men provide imagery, enlightenment, and a necessary questioning of the world around us.  The album takes soul into a new realm, meshing it with today’s electronic music.  I was unsure about how the result would sound at first, but a quick listen got rid of any doubts.  It’s emotional, powerful, and true to the legacy of Bobby Womack.  Give “Stupid” a listen, and check out the entire album at his site.

’Bobby Womack
Stupid (With Intro .Feat Gil Scott
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