Karen Harding
Say Something

Woah, ninjas. As we continue to dig a little bit deeper into the sea of Soundcloud, we came across a track we put off for the past 2 weeks. Boy are we not doing our job in getting you the latest and greatest tunes to stay ahead of the game. As we dust the cob webs off these wonderful tunes, we have one track from up and coming artist, Karen Harding, that has us stopped dead in our tracks. Harding’s one and only song on her Soundcloud, “Say Something”, is undeniably the most under-rated song to have show up on our radar. With the help of 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer, MNEK, Karent Harding steers this impeccable debut straight through the roof. We are highly impressed by both MNEK’s flawless craftsmanship along with Karen’s stunning voice – the sky is the limit for both of these talented artists and we can’t wait to see what’s next in line for them.

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