Suffolk based Mirror Signal is the solo act of one, Steven Barker. At first this was going to be a completely acoustic venture, but as Steven got into different genres of music, his interests changed. After purchasing a Macbook and a microphone, he began recording his debut EP, “Broken Soldier.” As with many indie artists, the entire EP was recorded from his bedroom.

His style is eclectic; a fusion of jazz, hip hop, folk and soul create a rich and layered soundscape that is accentuated by Barkers’ luscious vocal range. In “Broken Soldier,” we’re offered up a very emotionally charged track with somewhat of a gospel feel, hearing deep vocal harmonies in the background. The track is lightened up a little bit with the strumming of an acoustic guitar. On the other side of the spectrum we find a track rooted in R&B, where Barker’s vocal range is put on display, carrying love laiden lyrics across a simplistic beat.

We’re excited and intrigued at first listen of Mirror Signal. It’s a beautiful combination of multiple genres that will keep you guessing and asking for more.

’Broken Soldier’
’I’ve Changed My Signature’
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