A slow melody carries you into a place of pure music ecstasy and then, if the quiet groove of the music didn’t capture your mind already, Nick Hakim starts to sing.
And his voice, oh his sexy and tantalizing voice that speaks directly to the soul, leaves goose bumps along every centimeter of your body. ‘Cold’ is a teaser song which Hakim performed with Yours Truly to promote his upcoming debut EP Where Will We Go Part I. The song breaths life into a relationship that no longer exists. Hakim sings a sad story of a love who has turned cold and who will never return to him. His intoxicating vocals seduce even the coldest of hearts, lamenting over her eyes, and her mouth, and her body, Hakim turns to the hypnotic beats of his music to feel warm again. Looking forward to hearing what this crooner has in store on his full EP.

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