The Internet Music
Special Affair

The Internet, an Odd Future-affiliated band spear-headed by Syd and Matt Martian, have continued expanding on their neo-soul, funk-influenced style since first hitting the scene back in 2011. With two studio albums out, The Internet are already a step ahead of similar groups that have been popping up as of late, and the polished sound on their latest single certainly reflects that. Keeping genre boundaries as ambiguous as ever, “Special Affair” contrasts with some of The Internet’s more complex compositions proving a minimalistic tune fueled by a down-tempo, organic bass line and Syd’s silky, seductive vocals. As its name suggest, the track is a lustful and intoxicating ballad that, once again, demonstrates that, with Syd on the mic it’s virtually impossible to falter. On The Fader‘s premiere, Syd talked a bit about stepping out of her comfort zone with this late-night anthem:

I wasn’t sure I was the one who wanted to say those lyrics. With our first two albums, I don’t really say fuck what’s in your phone, let me take you home. It took me being like, so what? I’m 23, this is what I’m supposed to be talking about, this is how I’m supposed to be feeling. Our group is so funny, because people don’t even realize it’s a girl singing about a girl.

Along with “Special Affair,” The Internet’s also announced their upcoming third studio album, Ego Death, which drops June 30th and can be pre-ordered here.

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