Breaking Bad is Back and Season 4 shows a lot of promise (don’t worry will not give any spoilers from last nights episode). I started these Soundtrack post to celebrate independent artists making it to both the big screen and Television. While I am sure the song in the ending credits was recognizable to all you Music Ninja readers, for those few of you that just need to know, it was by no one other than Alex Ebert with incredible single, “Truth“.

Truth was released a while back as a single for Ebert’s self titled solo debut album. Alexander has been featured on many other TV show soundtracks, most recently on season 4 of Chuck but having the entire ending credits of Season 4 of Breaking Bad is an incredible feature.

We have blogged the track many times since we first heard about it, and instead of just posting the original, here a little twist with RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) contributing a verse to the song. Enjoy.

Alexander – TRUTH Feat. The RZA

’TRUTH Feat. The RZA.mp3′
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