chuck season 3 episode 8 soundtrack music

**Spoiler alert below**
The constant cycle of Love, Romance and Heartbreaks in Season 3 of chuck continues. All the small little twists “Chuck vs. the Fake Name” had could have been seen a mile away, except of course.. when chuck dumps his current girlfriend played by Kristin Kreuk because finding love is the only mission the intersect was never trained for.
** Spiler alert above **

Episode 8 of season 3 of chuck had two amazing songs worth noting. While chuck is recieving the hungry guests for the dinner, the song that was playing in the background was ‘A Sleep Be Told’ by The Traditionist.

The Traditionist – A Sleep Be Told

’02 A Sleep Be Told.mp3′

And lastly, I am sure this one you all have been waiting to hear again. The last song of most episodes are always the defining song that pretty much sums up the mood of the entire episode. While you know who, tells you know what to you know who.. lol the last song is by Daniel Zott called ‘Living a Lie’.

Daniel Zott – Livving a Lie06 Living A Lie.mp3

’06 Living A Lie.mp3′

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