It has been a while since I was truly impressed with the songs from Chuck Season 4 and last night really proves that the quirky secret agent we have come to laugh with still has the soundtrack to prove it. While most of the songs were from artist of the independent scene in 2009, seeing them on TV validates the fact that more and more producers value good music over popular music.

Here are the tracks with the description of the scene for Chuck Season 4 Episode 12 Versus the Gobbler:

POP LEVI – Midnite Runaround
When Chuck fights Yuri The Gobbler while Morgan & Casey sing happy birthday to a prison guard & Sarah arrives

Matt & Kim Sidewalks- Am/Fm Sound
Chuck arrives at the BuyMore and talks with Casey & Morgan about Sarah.

The National – Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
Sarah tells Chuck that taking down Volkoff could take some time.

Miike Snow – Silvia
Mary tells Sarah that it gets easier; Morgan & Chuck hang out in Casey’s hospital room.

You can find soundtrack coverage of more episodes of Chuck Season 4 here.

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