Chuck is BACK (well it was last week) and so its the amazing soundtrack of songs being selected every week. The Buy More got rebuilt, now as a super secret base full of undercover Agents, Eli is preggers and Chuck and Sarah are happily working things out with their relationship. Everything so far in the last two episodes have been very calm and collected, especially the end of Chuck Season 4 Episode 2 Versus the Suitcase with the carefully crafted song “A Girl, a Boy and a Graveyard” serenading at the end as Sarah finally unpacks.

Jeremy Messersmith – A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard

’08 – A Girl a Boy and a Graveyard.mp3′

The upbeat dance song playing in Episode 2 of Chuck as Sarah & Chuck go undercover at a fashion show in order to retrieve Sofia’s dress; repeats as Sarah & Sofia fight is “I Like That” from Richard Vission & Static Revenger. Instead of playing the original, I have added a more badass remix below:

Fake Blood Vs Richard Vission – I Think I Like That (Coda Collins Smash Up)

’I Think I Like That (Coda Collins Smash Up).mp3′

Thanks to Morgan, the Buy More staff gets re-restructured as Alice Cooper “Feed My Frankestein” plays in the background as they march down the isle before the eventually all stumble upon each other.

Episode One: Chuck Vs the Anniversary Soundtrack

And in case you have not yet figured out the two best songs of Chuck Episode 1 of Season 4 Versus the Anniversary here is the song playing when Ellie informs Chuck she is pregnant:

Freelance Whales – Generator First Floor

’Freelance Whales – Generator First Floor.mp3′

And lastly the most recognizable song from Chuck Season 4 Soundtrack playing When Chuck & Sarah exchange “sexts”:

The Black Keys – Howlin’ for You

’The Black Keys’
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