Entourage has always been one of my favorite shows, not to mention, I always discover new music every episode that goes by. This one, however, has been slightly difficult to track down which songs were used in their season finale. In the final scenes of the episode, as E is about to get on the plane leaving Sloan behind, the song Lisztomania by Phoenix is playing in the background. The song right after that as the airplane is about to take off is actually a song by Jay Z remixed for the Street Is Watching called “In My Life Time”.

There are 2 more songs I am trying to figure out that hopefully I will be able to post it here. Stay Tuned!

Phoenix – Lisztomania

’Phoenix – Lisztomania.mp3′

Jay Z – In My Lifetime


Ari Paintball Scene:
The Heavy – How You Like Me Now

Update: Full List

A car drives by while the boys are exiting their own car.
The Diplomats of Solid Sound – Budget Fro

Brooke calls Turtle and wants him to come over.
The Gap Band Yearning For Your Love

Eric and Sloan drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.
Bob Seger – Lucifer

Turtle comes clean to Brook about his love for Jamie.
Case ft. Foxy Brown – Touch Me Tease Me

Eric has no idea why Sloan is so angry.
Illfonics – Alpha Dog

Ari walks around TMA shooting paintballs at agents and firing them.
The Heavy – How You Like Me Now

Phil Yagoda gives Drama the good/bad news.
Nikki & Rich – Cat and Mouse

Lloyd gets off of the elevator.
Jeremy Jay – Gallop

Ari apologizes to Lloyd and makes him an agent.
Spider Harrison – Beautiful Day

Eric and Sloan tell Drama and Vince they are engaged.
Phoenix – Lisztomania

End Credits
Jay-Z – In My Lifetime (Remix)

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