Entourage is finally over. Whether you loved the last episode ( Entourage season 8 episode 8 ) or it left a sour taste in your mouth, one thing they did do right was the impressive soundtrack.

Obviously the biggest question is, who was that crazy opera-band that they featured so heavily? It was nothing more than the absolutely impressive young Italian trio called Il Volo. The actual trio appeared on the series finale and while they only had a few seconds of air time, seeing these young kids sing opera left me speechless. I did some more digging and came across this video of one of their life performances. The song is the very same one that was featured exchanged a passionage kiss with the Misses as he told her he had quit his job.

Il Volo – Un Amore Cosi’ Grande (Live LA Showcase)

Next, right before the entire entourage was getting on the plane, in the background they had the soft and classic Led Zeppelin acoustic song ‘Going to California’ (a bit ironic as they were actually leaving Cali). The track continued throughout the ending credits.

Here is a bonus cover song by Jake Shimabukuro:
Jake Shimabukuro: Going To California (orig. Led Zeppelin)


Other than covering the Entourage series/Season 8 finale soundtrack, make sure you check at our soundtrack section for music of your favorite tv shows.

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