It has concluded. Eight wonderful years of the TV SHOW House M.D. ended on a spectacular finale. Before we get to the ending of House Series finale soundtrack (Season 8 Episode 22) titled ‘Everyone Dies”, we have to give some credit to the Special mini doc ‘Swan Song’ featuring a coupe of great tracks from Champion Jack Dupree, The Platters and Caroline Patterson.

Here are the songs from Swan Song in list form (Preshow Special).

John Barry Orchestra – James Bond Theme (From “Dr. No.”)
Champion Jack Dupree – Junker’s Blues by
Caroline Patterson – The Tennessee Waltz
(Footage of the wrap party with Jesse Spencer on violin & Hugh Laurie on piano.)
The Platters – Glory of Love

And finally, iHOUSE MD Soundtracks have always catered that very last moment of the episode where emotions are usually running high. Two outstanding tracks were featured. The first is by the late American rock singer-songwriter Warren Zevon with the heart warming song “Keep Me In Your Heart” playing through the montage. And the very end of the episodes just before we are cut off from the ending credits one last time, was by Louis Prima with the tune titled “Enjoy Yourself”. I have listed them bellow:

’Warren Zevon – Keep Me in Your Heart’
’Louis Prima – Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) ‘

It saddens me to say this will be the last Soundtrack post for House, having the series finale “Everyone Dies” (Season 8 Episode 22) come to an end. Life does go one and if the soundtrack taught us anything, is to Enjoy Yourself.

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