On cold and damp days like most of us have been getting lately, nothing seems to fit the mood more than the cooing voice of Carla Morrison. The Mexican born singer/songwriter has eleased a handful of her own renditions of popular Spanish songs over the past couple of years alongside her own that display her beautiful and soothing voice. Her cover of Mexican folk singer Ramon Ayala’s “Tragos Amargos” is a completely different interpretation of this classic drinking song. Ayala’s version seems to be waving his glass in the air drinking away his sorrows, whereas Morrison’s version is the kind you’d find quietly sobbing for a lost love in the corner of the bar.

Carla Morrison – Tragos Amargos (Ramon Ayala Cover)

’carla morrison – Tragos Amargos.mp3′

Carla Morrison – Buena Malicia

’Carla Morrison – Buena Malicia.mp3′
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