Code Of The Schoolyard

Los Angeles-based duo StaG has been churning out solid tunes for a few years now, showcasing their adept ability to playfully combine dancy electronic elements, traditional instrumentation, quirky lyrics, and unique vocal styles. With dozens of releases already behind them, they’re now focused on their upcoming album, Don’t Check Out.

The album as a whole was inspired by a night so many of us are familiar with – drunkenly mulling over life in general. The title, initially purposed to describe the experience at being mediocre at best, eventually evolved into a tribute to the weird, intimate, and oddly perfect friendship between bandmates Matt and Will. Truly a vulnerable moment that we can all appreciate, especially given the opportunity to share it by enjoying this body of work.

Part of that collection of songs is today’s premiere, “Code Of The Schoolyard,” which is highlighted by some glowing falsettos that pair up perfectly with ethereal synths. The upbeat, hi-hat heavy percussion help drive the song along, giving a splendid juxtaposition to those vocals we just can’t get enough of. When asked about the meaning behind this tune, the guys had this to say:

“Code of the Schoolyard” is inspired by a Simpsons episode wherein Bart gets repeatedly beat up by Nelson Muntz before putting together an army of kids to fight back. It takes Bart’s experience in that episode and relates it to feeling like the weird kid in the corner.

Make sure to support these guys and pick up “Code of the Schoolyard” and the rest of the album over on StaG’s bandcamp page.

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