Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson have created a bit of a monster of a track here called ‘Wake Up’ and released it along side a brilliant teaser video and some darn right dirty remixes. Featuring all the standard rage (“waaakeee uuuuuppp!”) from Aoki and a classic dirty dutch drop from Samson – this track is set to cause some serious damage across clubs worldwide.

The teaser video was directed by Jason Beattie and features Michelle Rodriguez & Clifton Collins Jr. Steve Aoki comes across incredibly cool and the whole vibe of the video makes me pretty excited to see the final full length version.

Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson – Wake Up Call (Original Mix)

’Wake Up Call (Original Mix)’

So straight onto the Mustard Pimp remix, and this one comes straight off the remix EP which you can pick from Beatport here. This remix from the electro duo adds that extra level of trashy sound to the original and I love it. If you’ve never heard of Mustard Pimp then get onto their Soundcloud out for some seriously heavy mix tapes that will definitely get you bopping.

Wake Up Call (Mustard Pimp Remix)

’Wake Up Call (Mustard Pimp Remix)’

[Via Give Quiche A Chance]

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