Talking In Your Sleep

What a way to kick off your week.

After signing with Mind Of A Genius (The home of ZHU), and spending the past year hunkered away writing, LA based artist Gallant made a huge impact a few weeks back with the release of electronic/future RnB beauty, “Open Up“. Thankfully for us, Gallant whas resurfaced again and revealed another new track today.

Produced by STiNT (who also produced “Open Up”), “Talking In Your Sleep” features Gallant’s honeyed croon layered on top of an intricate, expansive arrangement, with an end result feeling like something that fits somewhere between FKA Twigs and Sam Smith.

Expertly boasting world-class vocals complimented by clicks, rattles, bells and a chorus which will stay with you long after first listen, this is another exciting entry from an artist who is emerging as a front-runner for darling of the blogosphere.

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