Parents' House

We’ll be honest here, ninjas. We don’t really know much about the Swedish group Colleagues. We tried the usual suspects: facebook, soundcloud, and twitter. None of which provided us any easily digestible information for you. What we do know is that this song, coupled with this video, is summertime. We all love getting outside and having our warm weather adventures, and Colleagues has visualized that with an epic penny board ride that results in a cool dip into the ocean. As we sit at our desk and write this out, we can’t help but feel slightly jealous for the fun that was had on that shoot. However, the soothing vocals and dream-pop stylings of Colleagues has us right feeling like we were right there with them.

Right now there’s not a soundcloud link for this track, however, there is their track “Parents’ House” which is also quite charming. Enjoy.

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