Jade Williams, the UK gal now better known as Sunday Girl (who got her name from working at a pet shop every Sunday where nobody knew her name while in school), had a horrible case of stage fright a few years back and couldn’t sing with anyone around. Lucky for us, she got over that fear and is making her way up the current list of rising female pop stars. And what’s even better than rising female pop stars is rising female pop star remixes. In this case, UK’s Fenech-Soler work their magic on “Self-Control” to give it that deep and heavy synth sound that works so perfectly with Sunday Girl’s ardent vocals. While the original is just as brooding as this version, there’s a whole new dimension of darkness thanks to the touches brought in by the guys of Fenech-Soler.

Sunday Girl – Self-Control(Fenech-Soler Remix)


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