As my first declaration of the summer, I determined that I would post all future Sunday Night Soul entries directly from the beach. That idea quickly went south however, once I came to the crippling realization that the beach doesn’t have WiFi, and before I knew it, I was back in the comfort of my own bed, writing from the same familiar spot where so much of my inspiration has sprung from before. While I don’t get the benefits of being outdoors, at least I don’t have to worry about cleaning any pesky grains of sand from the space between my toes. On top of that, I still have some pretty talented artists to keep me company, like Saux, GDNA, Bayou, Azekel, Roses Gabor, TIAAN, Mae Oriel, Trey Songz, Kay Cola, Netta Brielle, Joe Hertz, Tim Vocals, Ikeda, Solboi, khadisma, Teen Flirt, XONA, Duncan Gerow, Nanpa NOIR, Cosmo’s Midnight & Lido, Mikos Da Gawd, GEOTHEORY, Cavalier Beats, and Charlemagne Tango among others. So, while I wasn’t able to make it out to the beach tonight, I still encourage the rest of you out there to explore the great outdoors, gaze up at the stars, and maybe use the playlist below as your accompanying soundtrack.

’Saux – You Ain’t Making Me Wanna Dance (feat. Timantti)’
’Duan & Only – Latch Disclosure (Cover)’
’J Dilla – Think Twice // GDNA (RE)Vision’
’b a y o u – Speedboat’
’Jackson Breit – Never Gonna Let You Go’
’Brave Williams – Oooh (Luv Ya)’
’AARMAXX – Addicted To You Ft. Olivia Noelle’
’Rebecca James – Thinkin’ Bout Me’
’Ray Class – True Story’
’A Z E K E L – New Romance’
’Roses Gabor – RUSH…’
’Apollo 9 – No Lies’
’Denise Renee – Adore You (Remake) Miley Cyrus/ Denise Renee’
’Luke Pickett – Loving You Is Wrong’
’Bridget Kelly – I Won’t Cry/Almost More’
’TIAAN – Black Cars’
’Jared Evan – Better Now (Unreleased – 2009)’
’Luke James feat. Rick Ross – Options’
’Christon Gray – Vanish (feat. Swoope)’
’Mae Oriel – CAN’T SAY NO’
’Trey Songz – Whats Best For You’
’Sydney Jay – Attention’
’Kay Cola – Soft Kisses’
’blackbear – down 4 u’
’Netta Brielle – 3XKrazy’
’MDMay – Come Close (Rework)’
’Bailey Wiley – IXL ft. Raiza Biza (Radio Edit)’
’Oscar Key Sung – Holograms (Amin Payne Remix)’
’SOHN – Veto (DomOfTheYear Remix)’
’Joe Hertz – Isolate (ft. Kaleem Taylor)’
’fwdslxsh – 4 U (Pham Bootleg)’
’Poter Elvinger – Lonely’
’How To Dress Well – Face Again’
’Tim Vocals – Look Both Ways (prod by Baauer)’
’Ikeda – S.O.M.S.’
’XONA – Rainy Day (Too Much x Drake Remix)’
’Yeek – APCH (Solboi Remix)’
’Plue Starfox – Sugg Manor Savage Island ( Verses By Sugg Savage )’
’khadisma – (ft. arethra franklin x weeknd)’
’Sango – 206’
’8tm – Danny Glover ft. Gaïa (Young Thug Cover)’
’MNEK – Every Little Word (Abhi Dijon Remix)’
’Miguel – Girl With The Tattoo (Yamill Remix)’
’Michael Jackson – Rock With You (SteLouse Flip)’
’Sango – Me dê Amor (El. Train Bootleg Edit)’
’Twinztrack – Kellypark’
’Teen Flirt – Crazy’
’eu IV – India’s Interlude’
’TEEN – Not For Long (SAINT PEPSI Remix)’
’Disclosure – Latch (XONA Remix) Longer Version’
’Duncan Gerow – Craig David + Evil Needle = Fill Me In’
’Usher – Good Kisser (Nanpa NOIR Remix)’
’Joe – I’d Rather Have Love (XXYYXX Remix)’
’lovin x elkco’
’Ludacris – Party Girls (Nanpa NOIR Remix) w/ KR$CHN & BeatsByCMyles’
’OUTKAST – Roses (Kero One Remix 2014) *NEW*’
’Pharrell – Happy (Lenno Remix)’
’AlunaGeorge – Superstar (Cosmo’s Midnight x Lido Remix)’
’Dugong Jr x Mindless Behaviour – Hello (CAPSUN Flip)’
’MIKOS DA GAWD – Sock It 2 Me’
’Gil Scott Heron – Song Of The Wind (Filthy Romeo Remix)’
’Moon Boots – Whatever You Need’
’Pieter T – Miss December ( Matt Miller Remix)’
’Etched – What You Gonna Do’
1 Thing (GT Future Japan Edit)’
’Goldroom x Color K. – Embrace’
’Jeremih – Birthday Sex (Cavalier Beats remix)’
’Banks – Drowning (Akeda Flip)’
’Miguel – How Many Drinks? (Charlemagne Tango Remix)’
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