With the World Cup Final airing earlier this morning, chances are you either came out disappointed or ecstatic with the end results of today’s thrilling match. But don’t worry, no matter you’re mood, we’ve got just the music to match. If you were let down, well, we’ve got plenty of somber tunes to match your poor disposition. On the contrary, if you’re too tired from all the celebrations, we’ve also got some relaxing tracks to help whisk you away to bed peacefully. So, without further ado, dim the lights down and press play below–you know you want to. As always, feel free to follow us on SoundCloud and Spotify to make sure you get notified when our playlists go live!

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Natty Reeves – Your Mind
Anajah – 24hrs
Tora – Wouldn’t Be The Same (feat. Keelan Mak)
Ayelle – Mad
Icarus Moth – Don’t w/ Mothica
BUNGALOW – Loving It
Brandon Banks – ivy + bliss
ZEN WAVY – Trust Me Imma Fly Away
gregor the blue – Blue Delving
Stevan – Babies
Tropics – Come Home
Dolly Ave – Birds
Pip Millett – Love The Things You Do
okvsho – Cariño (feat. Sreya)
Nakala ~ Rotation
Brooke Aulani – Out Loud
Ruchir – Only U Ft. Croosh
TYuS – Fantasy
sans – jus wanna love u babe
James Vickery – Got To Be You (feat. Mikill Pane)
WESLEE – Giving It Up
Space Monk – enlighten mint (GOD SLAM IT! 7/20)
Peter CottonTale – Forever Always (ft. Chance The Rapper, Rex Orange County, Daniel Caesar)
JSPH – Reasons
WALLACE – Frame by Frame
Leo Pastel – Woah (feat. Muwosi) (prod. luna.)
Bobby Earth – Gnarly
Mzwaa – I Got It
Zoe Nash – Lovebug
Jessica Domingo – Say
Charley Coin – Here on the Ground (prod Charley Coin)
Kehlani – Honey (jmac edit)
Extremely Bad Man – Up With The Birdies
Seramic – Strange Magic
Goss – These Days. I Don’t Know (Rework)
Sofasound – Radiant Glow Feat. Nick Anthony
BRII – JamieBoy Vibes Pt. 2
Barrett Marshall – Think About You
jay cass – I’m yours
SWV – Youre The One (Jeftuz Remix)
Beyonce + The Neptunes = Crazy In Love
Leuca & Mike Green – Right Now
Kevin Holliday – colgate
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