Turntable.fm + SXSW +Avatar DJ + Pepsi + Intel from Turntable.fm on Vimeo.

One Friday afternoon, the office where I work my regular 9-5 job decided to have a throwback-classic-jams day. Is there a service that could provide us the necessary platform? Yes. We hopped onto turntable.fm, and rotated songs, djs, laughs and had a hell of a good time. If you’re not familiar with turntable.fm – here’s the skinny. It’s like a disc jockey chat room. There’s dj stations where people can have their avatar play music, and the song that’s playing in the room rotates from one person to another. If you want to kill time, listen to music, and have a blast – this is your answer.

As you know, we’re at SXSW right now. We wanted to post this to let you know that there is a little contest going on. What does it entail? Well all you have to do is email contests@theconfluencegroup.com with The Music Ninja, and 3/15 in the subject line. And, for sending this teeny tiny email, you’re entered to win tickets to the 3/15 party with Diplo, ?uestlove, and A-Trak. Say whaaaaaaa? Yeah you read that right. Get on it, Ninjas!!

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