Stay With Me

After 6 days of letting one of the most soul-provoking songs sit in our inbox for far too long, it’s finally time to share with all of you ninjas the mesmerizing wonders of Monogem. Residing in good ol’ sunny Southern California, singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh and producer/songwriter, Scott Smith, have captured the world with their glistening melodies, infectious lyrics, and their ability to fuse their sound with elements found in electronic music. Last week, Monogem released their latest song, “Stay With Me”, which will most likely be the next love song to swoon you all back into the arms of a loved one – or maybe just a few extra pets for your cat. With only 1,600 plays in less than a week, it’s a big surprising that this addicting song hasn’t made its way onto your radar. Luckily the ninjas have you covered, so get lost in these delightful melodies and find your way back into love’s embrace.

Support Monogem by purchasing a copy of “Stay With Me” on iTunes today.

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