Running In Circles

While the synth & indie leaning side of pop music has become somewhat of a saturated wasteland in recent years, we’re still finding ourselves being moved by the choice diamonds from one of our favorite aural aesthetics. Some tunes still somehow manage to instill those nostalgic rumblings and transfixed periods of unfazed listening, and POP ETC, the one-time bedroom recording pet project known as Morning Benders turned N.Y. to San Francisco live band have turned in perhaps the most stirring revivalist pop tune we’ve heard in their entire library: “Running In Circles”. “Running In Circles” flirts with both brooding synth-wave effects and shimmering, sprightly plucked guitars which give the single a neon 80’s shine steeped in more contemporary foundation. Rarely do artists successfully inject such an accessible sound with the careful musical care of a classical composer; which is just lovely stuff. After recently unleashing a slew of covers over the past year, it seems as if POP ETC may be ready to attack the LP game again, and we’d have to be crazy to not want to hear more from their 2015 reincarnation.

Stream “Running In Circles” above and hit the jump below to watch the accompanying music video featuring some gorgeously choreographed classic and flashy Wushu (that’s Chinese Kung-Fu for ye unschooled martial artists) forms from Sifu Chen Ying.

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