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Cults – Go Outside


Let’s face it, when the music blogosphere loves something we always adhere to the post now ask questions later policy. A couple of days ago this mysterious band by the name of ‘Cults’ uploaded a couple of song to their Bandcamp page and almost instantly there songs were shared across the tubes without much though as to who they really are. Gladly, Pitchfork came to the rescue and cleared the smoke around this wonderful synth-pop influenced band.

Turns out Cults is comprised of young duo/couple Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin from San Diego, California. They only started making music a few months back in their free time and just sharing their music with family and close friends. Their reception from other music blogs has been as warm as their soothing music. Pitchfork describes their nostalgic psychedelic melodies as being simultaneously influenced by 50’s and 80’s pop songs.

Pitchfork: I know you weren’t expecting to get any kind of attention this early, but do you have any plans for Cults? Are you going to play any shows or release any music?

BO: Yeah, we’re finishing up a full-length record right now. We’ve been working on it for a while. The first three songs were just part of a larger full-length that we were working on for a long time. But we’re making plans to tour this summer and just kind of seeing where this could take us.

I am really excited to see what is next for the Cults and I hope they keep producing music towards the soft and dreamy psychedelic sound.

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