Night Drive
Easy To Lie (Original Mix)

While swimming through the standard sea of press e-mails and Soundcloud feeds, the day for this writer began to feel rather bleak musically. That is until Austin, TX duo Night Drive and their newest single “Easy to Lie” made it no less than one bar into its brooding pulse of nostalgic 80’s synth-pop. The pair’s nostalgic view on electro-pop sometimes deviates more closely towards the bubblier side of things, but their latest dip into more introspective lyricism and gloomier instrumentation marks our favorite release from the pair’s studio thus far. And previous Night Drive fanboys and girls need not fret either, as “Easy to Lie” is still dripping with doses of powerful pop synthesizers, but this time around they’re reeled back with the surgical precision to simultaneously highlight its emotive center ever so beautifully. “Easy to Lie” comes as the second taste of an upcoming debut full-length Sound Control Records, hopefully due out later this year. Let this one close out your day of school or work perfectly. We did.

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