The Way You Say It (Bremen4000 Remix)

Swedish pop upstart Vanbot‘s latest single “The Way You Say It” and its album counterpart Perfect Storm have been receiving quite the heavy dose of reputable support and buzz. From a Four-Star review in The Times, to a public Twitter endorsement from mega pop-stars Tegan and Sara; Vanbot’s syrupy and infectious sound has been finding its way into nearly every corner of the music bubble. Appropriately, it was only a matter of time until the burgeoning synth-starlet’s malleable pop stems began receiving the very welcome remix treatment.

First to take on official remix duties is the very mysterious Sebastian Forslund and his Bremen4000 project, who’s deft touch pulls “The Way You Say It” into headier pop territory. A rolling vintage synth and burbling bass lay the perfect groundwork for Vanbot’s vocal, which has been cased up within a slathering of reverb, to bob just above water. While the original plays like an effervescent kiss on the cheek, Bremen4000’s revision toys with darker atmospherics and 80’s leaning synth work to make its point. Unfortunately, not much is currently known about the enigmatic producer (who as of the time of this TMN Premiere’s publishing doesn’t have a Soundcloud, Facebook or Twitter page to his name) other than his slightly unorthodox and off-kilter pop production techniques, and tasteful work mostly within the Swedish indie community. But, you can be sure we’ll be staying in tune with everything else to bubble up out of Bremen4000’s catalog. Until then, enjoy the Bremen4000 remix of Vanbot’s “The Way You Say It” above.

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