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[Electronic] Martial Simon & Narissa – 10 To 5

Martial Simon has yet again captured the essence of modern dance music with his latest release, “10 to 5.” Collaborating with Narissa, known for her hit “Boss Bae” and collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, Simon brings a refreshing and innovative sound to the forefront. This new track follows a series of successful releases in 2023, each surpassing 200K streams on Spotify, showcasing Simon’s growing influence in the industry.

“10 to 5” stands out as a narrative-driven electronic piece, exploring the complexities of modern relationships. It delves into the contrast between initial infatuation and the reality of getting to know someone, a theme that resonates with many in today’s fast-paced dating culture. The track presents a vivid depiction of this classic myth versus reality tale, striking a chord with listeners who have experienced similar romantic journeys.

Simon’s signature energetic style blends seamlessly with Narissa’s smooth vocals, creating a unique fusion that transcends traditional genre boundaries. This collaboration results in a sound that is both innovative and familiar, perfectly balancing deep house and tech house elements. The track is designed to captivate club-goers and electronic music enthusiasts alike, with plenty of components built in to fit snug into DJ sets and be played out on dance floors.

Martial Simon’s career, spanning over two decades, is marked by an impressive array of achievements. His label, GET SET Records, and a catalog of tracks like “High In July” and “Lost” have amassed over 8 million streams. His hit “Where My Girls At?” reached the top of the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart and received airplay on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems. “10 to 5” is a continuation of Simon’s legacy, check out the song for yourself below.

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