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11 LIT3S

Portuguese born singer and producer, 11 LIT3S releases his latest single ‘KING KAIS PLANET,’ debuted on XO Collective’s new division, XO Urban. The Portuguese talent’s music includes catchy hooks layered over trap-style beats mixed with hard hitting punchlines. This latest single is a track you won’t stop bumpin’.  Read below the inspiration behind the single, and press play.

‘KING KAIS PLANET was inspired by an apartment with an amazing view of Los Angeles and a very lasting experience I was having with a girl I was seeing at the time. The name King Kai’s planet was taken actually from Dragon Ball Z. KKP was a planet in which the characters would go to to train and recharge their energies. I want to create a parallel between this fictional and non fictional reality as in this LA apartment helicopters would  literally fly below us because we were so high.’

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