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[House] AC Slater – All About Paper (feat. Bassboy & Scrufizzer)

AC Slater
All About Paper [feat. Bassboy & Scrufizzer]

Why people don’t fuse hip-hop and house more, we have no idea. We’re glad AC Slater caught up with Bassboy and Scrufizzer for the crossover single “All About Paper” though. The fast-paced single will be released in full on AC Slater’s upcoming album, Outsiders, that is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

“All About Paper” has a whole lot going on in it. From tech to industrial to hip-hop, Ac Slater’s influences are numerous in this one. Sometimes it’s hard to seal your influences together under one project but the veteran did so with ease and energy. This song is about as hype as you get, filling the listener with energy as though it were a stimulating drug. If the rest of the album is anything like this, then look out for AC Slater to be in the top albums of 2017 for sure.

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