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[Trap] Adam K & Slander – Breathe (feat. Matthew Steeper & Haliene)

BREATHE (ft. Matthew Steeper & Haliene)

When you get the chance to work with someone you look up to, there’s no better feeling in the labor or art realm. With Slander, music is their labor, and Adam K is someone they look up to. Both parties came together to work on a track, alongside help from Matthew Steeper and Haliene, called “Breathe.” Their heavenly take on trap is just the soothing record you need this weekend. It’s like what you want from a progressive house anthem, but packed into the trapstyle frame. Slander and Adam K did a superb job putting this one together, delivering something different from both their usual sounds. When we first heard that these acts were coming together, we had no idea what to expect. We knew however that it would be something that was incredible, and that’s just what we got. We were ready to dish out some money for it, but come to find out, it’s free!

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