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[Electronic] Afrojack – Used to Have it All (Dirty Audio Remix)

We may have already featured this in our new Spotify playlist, Back that Bass Up, but Dirty Audio’s sock game isn’t the only thing that strong. His recent releases have been straight fire and his official remix to Afrojack’s “Used To Have It All” is no exception. This groovy house vibe gets a signature make-over from the LA producer known for indulging in lots of coffee, stabbing synths, and hard drops. The elegant vocals are still present, but this flip gives the track a whole new club and festival ready vibe that we’re sure to see all summer. You can buy and stream this latest release here.

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[NEW] PSY – Gangnam Style (Diplo Remix) (Feat. 2 Chainz & Tyga)

If you thought the “Gangnam Style” craze was over, you’re sadly mistaken. Arguably the hottest song over the last year, now has one of the oddest remixes of the year. With Diplo at the helm, the K-Pop hit gets a whole new dimension of springiness behind it as it’s transformed into a certified trap anthem. What really helps get the song popping are the verses from 2 Chainz and Tyga (I guess Lil Wayne and Drake weren’t available). They aren’t going to impress you with their lyrics, but they’ll definitely get your head bopping, which is all that really matters here. The main thing I really want to see out of all of this though, is a brand new music video featuring 2 Chainz trying to do the dance. That would be awesome. For those wondering, this is an official remix, and it will be on PSY‘s Gangnam Style (강남스타일) [Remix Style] – EP, out today on iTunes. Also included below is the full version of Afrojack‘s remix of the track, which is also on the EP.

’PSY – Gangnam Style (강남스타일) (feat. 2 Chainz & Tyga) (Diplo Remix)’

’PSY – Gangnam Style (강남스타일) (Afrojack Remix)’

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[Electro] Afrojack and Bobby Burns – Bridge


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Dirty Dutch giant Afrojack hook up with Bobby Burns and yet again we’re not disappointed. It’s got all those “classic Afrojack” clicks, pops, beats and synths that seem to shape each track he touches. Set this song to wake you up in the morning and at around the 5min mark you should jumping on your bedsheets, ready for your Weetabix!

Interesting question to ponder on here, but is Afrojack heading for the same fame and recognition that Deadmau5 acquired in the mainstream? His back catalog of tunes are – let’s face it – sick – and he’s undoubtedly nailed his “classic Afrojack” sound. It seems everything he touches is turning to gold right now. With his last album Lost & Found being really well received, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion we may well be seeing our Dutch boy on our TV screens a lot more this year.

Afrojack and Bobby Burns – Bridge

’Afrojack and Bobby Burns – Bridge ‘
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