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[Electronica] YLY – Alive (feat. Julia Lostrom)

Alive (feat. Julia Lostrom)

YLY¬†formally known as “KVS,” is electronic producer Tom Woodhour’s newest project venturing into experimental dance music, inspired by future¬†electronic and hip hop. Featuring Julia Lostrom, “Alive” is a dark and gloomy, slow driven ethereal release, which leads into a drop reminiscent of a portal to an alternate universe. Stream “Alive” below, chills guaranteed, “Alive” is like therapy for the soul.

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[Trap] Infuze – Alive (Ft. Brave)

Alive ft. Brave

The thunderous trap producer Infuze is back with the single “Alive” on Fools Gold featuring the golden pipes of singer/songwriter Brave. We have always loved the Bushwick-based trap and dance producer Infuze for his on-point arrangement ability and willingness to execute some serious left-field sound design, as we first heard on his remix for Bassnectar’s “Mystery Song”.

The same low-down, razor sharp synths that caught my ear on his remix for Nectar creep into “Alive” during the booming, spacious, traditionally-trap drop. During the buildup, Brave’s thematically simple but emotionally captivating lyrics layer well over the warm synth tones and arpeggiated melody laid down by the producer.

Often, and perhaps this goes without saying for some, a trap drop can sound played out. Yet Infuze keeps it fresh in his mix by infusing complex or unorthodox sounds which contrast well with more traditional trappings of this genre like the booming kicks and high-pitched lead melodies. Brave’s contribution also powers this track. We’re confident we’ll hear from her again at least a few times throughout 2017.

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[Music Video] Madden – Alive

Warner Music has a new face on their roster. That face belongs to Madden. Here we’re not talking about the NFL legend, but rather a blossoming Norwegian producer who has been taking over Spotify with his single “Alive.”

“Alive” has garnered six and a half million plays on Spotify, and now there is a music video to accompany the popular single. The track is incredible, and the music video is undoubtedly stunning with immense visuals of nature. The star of the music video is Frederik Evensen, a snowboarder/surfer that knows a thing or two about living life to the fullest. By the end of this music video, you’re going to have an craving to leave on an adventure in Lofoten, Norway, where this music video was shot. We can’t blame you, we’re aching to hit it up ourselves.

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