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[Indie] Hospitality – All Day Today

As a service term, hospitality represents the welcome, care, and entertainment of guests and strangers. The band, though, gives the term a meaning of its own.

Brooklyn band Hospitality is fronted by Kansas City’s Amber Papini, whose voice dances in the influence of Artists like Regina Spector, Laura Gibson, and Jesy Fortino. She combines the most exciting points of all three and pairs the delivery with a sturdy backing band that features Brian Betancourt on bass/vocals and the electro-guru-turned-drummer, Nathan Michel.

The band has recently put out a self titled album that’s received great reception. The track “All Day Today” is a perfect example of the lovably upbeat feel of the album and the vocal delivery I mentioned before. With tracks like “All Day Today” Hospitality has managed to live up to its name by offering their audience some real, memorable, entertainment that make their new LP definitely worth a listen.

Hospitality – All Day Today

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