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[Future] voia – almost human

almost human

One project that we are patiently waiting for is voia‘s LP, futuresong. This New York talent is the full package, producer, vocalist, and all around great dude. He recently came out with “almost human,” the second single off his upcoming album. Attack The Music released this one as an optional free download, or a buy if you’re feeling generous. Once you hear the incredible future pop style, you’re gonna want to give some fiscal props to voia.

“almost human” starts right off with an ear-catching melody that leads into the verse, which voia provides the vocals for. It sort of reminds me a little bit of Owl City, expect voia is 100x cooler and brings on a more future/dance friendly vibe. Throughout the song there will be moments where you get that feeling of frisson, where the feel-good sensations take over and the goose bumps arise. With this and “eeelixir!,” we are at the edge of our seats waiting for this LP to drop. In the meantime, we have two records from it to hold us over.

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