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Andain – Much Too Much (Remix Package)

Andain is a San Francisco experimental electronica group that we haven’t ever posted on until today. None the less, we’re stoked that the duo hit us up with the remix package that just dropped yesterday on Black Hole Records. Andain is made up of Mavie Marcos and Josh Gabriel and have been together since 2000. Their ambient trancy style is perfect to chill out to – but it’s also great for remixes. Especially drum and bass, and dubstep remixes.

First up we have a chill remix from Zetandel. This remix is actually a free giveaway on Andain’s page, so make sure you head over there and pick it up. The three other remixes are from the likes of Relay and Front, Rido, and Shreddward and Exceed. They range from drum and bass to dubstep, but all maintain the attractive vocals of Andain’s lead singer, Mavie.

Andain is currently in the mix at the IDMA awards for ‘Best Chillout Track’ and ‘Best Trance Track’. Voting for that closes on Thursday, so make sure to vote soon!

Purchase remix package on Beatport or iTunes

FREE DOWNLOAD – Much Too Much (Zetandel Chill Remix)

’Much Too Much (Zetandel Chill Remix).mp3′

Andain – Much Too Much (Relay and Front Remix)
’Andain – Much Too Much (Relay and Front Remix).mp3′

Andain – Much Too Much (Rido Remix)
’Andain – Much Too Much (Rido Remix).mp3′

Andain – Much Too Much (Shreddward and Exceed Remix)
’Andain – Much Too Much (Shreddward and Exceed Remix).mp3′
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