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[Dubstep] Rekoil – Relentless EP

There’s something about great bass music that connects on all levels. Sure, you can say that the low frequencies rattle the body, but it’s more than that. One such project in the bass realm that we’ve come to love to a high degree, some might say even relentlessly. All puns aside, the project at hand is the Relentless EP from Rekoil.

Whether you believe it or not, this four song EP has been released as a free download for fans old and new. With how good Relentless is, Rekoil is sure to add a whole host of newcomers. His hybrid style is conveyed through each single that brings a slightly different tone and mood each time out. Although it’s hard to choose, the ninja favorites on this are the collaboration with Raiden on “Elevate” and “Bounty Hunter” that has a familiar sample that you may recognize. Relentless has been released for free, however if you would like to donate, the option is available through Bandcamp.

’Elevate feat. Raiden (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’2 Choices feat. Android No. 23 (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’Bounty Hunter (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
’A Dandy in Space (#FREEkoil Download via “Relentless” EP!)’
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