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The Tallest Man On Earth – 1904 [Folk]

Endearing singer-songwriter from Sweden, Kristian Matsson, better known as The Tallest Man On Earth returns with upcoming album ‘There’s No Leaving Now’ on June 12th. Today he is giving us a preview of the home-recorded record with a track titled “1904”. He explains to Rolling Stones, “I wanted to build something that didn’t sound like a rock band, but wasn’t super minimalistic […] I wanted a sound that had that brittle [quality], that feeling that it might just fall apart.” Listen below to “1904”

’The Tallest Man On Earth – 1904′

via rollingstones.com

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2012 Round #3)

Did you know that May 15th is the 135th day of the year? Actually the 136th day since 2012 is a leap year? If you didn’t then it is safe to say that you do, in fact, learn something new everyday.  It is also safe to say that with this playlist you will hear something new every Tuesday. Thank you, internet. How did we ever learn without you?

Download Zip: Indie Dojo May Round #3 [Mediafire]

’The Walkmen – The House You Made’
Dave Gerard – Beating Drums
The Spring Standards – Only Skin
Caveman – Old Friend
Kyle Adem – Brother, Follow
Dan Griffin – She’s A Drug
Jon Bell – Fade
Matthew and The Atlas – Deadwood


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[Pop] Jhameel – Are You Free [Premiere]

Indie-Pop sensation Jhameel is back with a new series, and needless to say – we’re a bit excited. The series, which is titled ‘Are You Free’, takes Jhameel’s music down a different path as he explores the dance realm of Pop in some of his best work yet.

Similar to the ‘Waves‘ series that was released late last year, ‘Are You Free’ highlights 5 new tracks over 5 weeks, all accumulating to provide a set as a whole which will work as his latest EP.

“Are You Free” sets the tone for the EP by not only reiterating the motto in it’s title, but providing a message via Jhameel’s always catchy Pop vocals. It’s a distorted, anthematic Pop frenzy that dances along with a violent fury, yet seems to settle in your ears with an ironic tentativeness.

’Are You Free’
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Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Sound Remedy Remix)

Not every song needs a remix but with the way Sound Remedy has been beautifully crafting these extremely dynamic remixes lately, perhaps they might. Lisa Mitchell’s Neopolitan Dreams is not necessarily the most remixed friendly tune. Soft, playful and almost childlike, “Neopolitan Dreams” by the young and talented Australian singer-songwriter gets treated to delicate and cheerful layers of electronica that are more welcoming than we expected. With producers so eager to DROP THE BASS on any song, Sound Remedy takes us on a subtle ride of bright melodies and colorful non-intrusive additions to easily consume on this free download.

’Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Sound Remedy Remix)’
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KO KO – Float (Polaris At Noon Remix)

KO KO, the brotherly Californian duo comprised of Brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhorn created a song that for us, has defined why we love the music of 2012. Intimate lyrics with gently catchy melodies, their single “Float” is a refreshing summer pop tune perfect for producers like Sound Remedy and Polaris At Noon to manipulate. We featured Sound Remedy’s remix last week, and today we bring you a much relaxing and more subtle rendition from another Californian producer, Polaris At Noon.

’KO KO – Float (Polaris At Noon Remix)’
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[Fresh] The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands


On June 5, Glassnote/Columbia will release the second (and self-titled) full-length from Australian rock band the Temper Trap. Today we have a first peak of what is to be expected with the track titled “Trembling Hands”. The dramatic piano-laced intro alone is enough to get our attention but it is really the vocals of lead singer Dougy Mandagi that carry the song through. Listen below.

’The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands’
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[Chill] Emma louise – Boy

Whimsical and borderline ambient, the soft wonders of Emma Louise voice will hold your head in her heavenly clouds of intimate song writing abilities to comfort you. Infectious from the start, the new single from Emma Louise titled ‘Boy’ provides shes a no one hit wonder, following last years popular hit, Jungle. Listen below.

’emma louise – Boy’
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