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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2018 Round #3)

We’re rollin’ into summa, summatime like it’s nobody’s business. Better start saving up those free Indie Dojo’s for that continuous summer soundtrack you need in your life. We’ve got enough stock piled playlists to make this summer or any season for that matter, a damn good one.
’Liz Cooper and the Stampede – Mountain Man’
’Bermuda Triangle – Suzanne’
’Ardency – Bad Moon’
’Slow Turismo – Adult Baby’
’Easy Ruckus – Wine & Candles’
’Tāl – What You Are’
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Saturday Selection Vol. 5

Saturday Selection

Hopefully you weren’t living under a rock this week, because it was a new music Friday for the books. We were lucky to get some HUGE albums, plentiful surprises, and a collection of music that continues to make the case for 2016 being a great year when it comes to quality releases. Even with all of these stellar projects, there’s plenty of gems to be found, and we’ve got some wonderful tunes primed and ready for you today. Enjoy!


Jai Wolf – Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974)

Jai Wolf has come a long way since No Pets Allowed, and watching his rapid ascent to success has been quite the trip to say the least. Since his recent foray into original material with Indian Summer, he’s shifted to creating songs that make you feel like you could just jump and fly away whenever you want. “Drive” is his wonderful second original offering and it exists as a dreamy counterpart to Indian Summer, stacked from top to bottom with breathtaking production and effervescent vocals from The Chain Gang of 1974. In short, it’s miraculous. The Foreign Family Collective continues its winning streak with “Drive,” and we’re all better off because of it.


Slow Shudder – Call You Back

A timely repost on SoundCloud can be an awesome thing, and, thanks to AObeats, we were given the opportunity to hear the debut tune from London’s own Slow Shudder. She’s already on to something with “Call You Back.” She effortlessly delivers each verse with her lofty and light voice before the tune quickly turns to a combination of club kick patterns, fluttering synths, and chirpy vocal chops that exhibits a level hand and production standard of more established artists before her. “Call You Back” is a strong statement to start with, and now we’re certainly ready to hear more from Slow Shudder.


Annabel Jones – Happy

You know good pop when you hear it. It isn’t hard to decipher. However, Annabel Jones makes something better than just good pop music. “Happy” proves it. Something about her delivery and soothing voice meshes well with any and all production, even the unpredictable instrumentation of this newest tune. Juggling angelic synths and almost PC Music-esque elements, “Happy” manages to completely change course multiple times in only four minutes, but the cohesiveness is maintained throughout. When it comes to following up a huge hit like IOU, it can be a difficult time, but Annabel Jones didn’t have any trouble at all creating a sweet new single for all of us to enjoy. Grab her debut EP on iTunes here!


Thalab – Wreck

Everything about this Thalab song is gorgeous. This is the sort of crazy and beautiful result you get when you smash together the best of electronica, alternative, folk, and even a little soul. The sound design is second to none, and the spacious atmosphere created manages to also stay grounded because of the tactful use of acoustic guitar juxtaposed with careening and lush synths. We’ll be the first to admit we aren’t entirely familiar with many producers from Spain, but these Barcelona natives have managed to pique our curiosity into expanding our exploration into a more international approach. End your day on the perfect note with this one.


Commandeur – Wasted (Ardency Remix)

We love Ardency. They’ve pulled together a reputable collection of remixes and a handful of originals, and their latest project stems from the former. Fun Fact: Commandeur is the side project of the drummer from the great Australian band Panama, and this duo snagged a chance to give their own spin on his tune “Wasted.” There’s a classic, almost revamped 80’s edge to Ardency’s production that makes for an emotional rollercoaster on certain occasions, and this is absolutely one of times. It’s hard to deny the power of an electronic pop tune like this, and Ardency prides themselves on demonstrating their abilities in reshaping an older sound into something fresh and new. Do yourself a favor and snag the free download their remix here.

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[Indie Dance] Ardency – Mechanism EP

Ardency never ceases to amaze us. Whether it’s their unique “neon 80’s” sound or their evolution as artists, the production duo undoubtedly sets a very high standard for other indie electronic acts. They’ve teased us with tracks like “Crystals” and “Races” off their EP, reminding us of their incredible talent. Now the wait is over, because their brand new Mechanism EP is finally here!

The four-track EP is definitely a game changer, as it perfectly showcases Ardency’s wide range of sounds. They step away from their usual neon dance vibe with “Like That”, which embodies a darker and heavier beat. The bassline resembles groups like Oliver who can masterfully fuse a retro sound with modern electropop music. “Crystals” is their hit single that has has an infectious melody with a the use of crystal synths. It shows a more chilled out side of their sound without losing authenticity.

“Races” stood out to us the most because of how different it is. The hardhitting bass towards the middle of the track was something we’ve never heard from them before, and it absolutely bangs. The melody-less bassline resembles the sound of REZZ, as it keeps adding to the epic buildup and outro of the track. It was definitely a favorite of ours. The EP ends with the title track “Mechanism” which once again features vocals by Icelandia. The soothing harmonies and the well-crafted synth create a dreamy and heavenly atmosphere, which is perfect for an ending track.

The whole project was a breath of fresh air, and it was easily their best work to date. We know for a fact that Ardency does not just make music that people want to hear, but rather some very original material that utilizes their creativity and brand of sound. Sky is the limit for these guys, and we certainly hope to expect more refreshing tunes in the near future. Peep the EP below and show some support if you dig!

Ardency – Like That
Ardency – Crystals (feat. Icelandia)
Ardency – Races
Ardency – Mechanism (feat. Icelandia)
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Ardency & Luca Chesney – Prayers [TMN Premiere]

Ardency & Luca Chesney

Ardency strikes again! This time the duo collaborates with the wonderful Luca Chesney from New York for another hit single titled “Prayers”. Ardency fuses their neon 80’s dance vibe with Luca’s songwriting genius, creating a stunning track that excels in its own character.

The tune starts off with Luca’s beautiful vocals that soothes its way into your head. The dreamy touch will hit you with endless feels in the buildup. The hardhitting bassline steals the spotlight in the beat drop, together with the synth melody that will tenfold your adrenaline level. If that isn’t enough, the second drop will get you vibing even harder. The lo-fi synth works to perfection together with the lovely melody.

If you dig this, make sure to grab a free download via Toneden. These guys never ceases to amaze.

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[Indie Eletronic] Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Ardency Remix)

Empire Of The Sun
We Are The People (Ardency Remix)

Following the success of “Foxfire”, the creative duo Ardency strike once again with another jaw dropper. Reworking Empire of the Sun‘s “We Are The People”, the two musicians definitely worked their magic and put a spin on the popular anthem. The tune is suited with a lo-fi 80’s disco approach fused with a chillwave sound. The original vocals are kept to go with the indie vibe of the track. The addictive touch resembles the sound of Neon Indian while adding an adrenaline-infused bassline to top it off.

Per usual, Ardency outdid themselves with this release. We are very excited to see what other tricks they got up their sleeves. Make sure to grab a free download if you dig the track!

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 144)

The weekend has arrived and, although this ninja’s down for the count after a fantastic Coachella, we’ve got all you ragers covered with an array of turn-up tunes on this week’s FPP. This installment proves a particularly versatile one with highlights ranging from unique trap masterpieces from NebbraKRNE and Mikos da Gawd to a playful remix courtesy RAC and an absolutely amazing disco-inspired take on Phantogram‘s “Fall in Love” by Ardency. Hit play below, fill up a glass and let the shenanigans commence.

’Nebbra – Darkness’
’Phantogram – Fall In Love (Ardency Remix)’
’The Drums – Kiss Me Again (RAC Mix)’
’JNTHN STEIN x KRNE x Alexander Lewis – Blastoise’
’Titles Ft. Mikos Da Gawd’
’Aylen – MVRIO KVRT’
’Grief & Hesk – Let’s Get Into It’
’Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode (Dani Deahl x Jason Edward Remix)’
’Pharrell Williams – Frontin (DEFFIE + R.O.M 3
’Nero X Porter Robinson – The Thrill (Crystalize’s Edit) FREE DL’
’Kito – Get Faded ft. Tara Carosielli’
King Tong’
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