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[Future] A R I Z O N A – Let Me Tøuch Yøur Fire (Snøwmass Remix)

Let Me Tøuch Yøur Fire (Snøwmass Remix)

Chicago producer Snøwmass brings his future bass sound to the A R I Z O N A single “Let Me Touch Your Fire.” He keeps the soft, yet immersive vibe of the original, but brings it forward into a new form that is enticing to electronic music lovers. Snøwmass dishes out a ethereal soundscape, filled with lush pads and supple synths that sooth the listener to the point of pure relaxation. One of the criteria for a good remix is if it did the original justice, and in this case, the reinterpretation passes with flying colors. Usually we hear some sultry house music from this Chicago resident, but we’re glad he dipped his toes into the future bass sound because this remix is simply magical. We suggest you grab this one for your digital library, as it has been released as a free download for fans.

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