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[Synth Pop] Grimes – Kill V. Maim

Kill V. Maim

Canadian singer, songwriter, producer, music video director, and record producer Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes, has been working on her latest release for quite a while. Anyone who follows Grimes knows that she’s been influenced and motivated by quintessential pop for most of her career, citing people like Mariah as her major inspirations. While her previous releases have been primarily infused with her insidiously experimental electronic flare, her latest album release Art Angels finally epitomizes the pop product she’s been working towards, and she absolutely nailed the aesthetic in her track “Kill V. Maim.”

This song packs the kind of punch that belongs in the official soundtrack to a fierce cheerleader’s escapades taking out crime while defying any and all gender stereotypes—a theme that Grimes touches on in many of her interviews and songs. Complete with word-spelling and hi-yahs, “Kill V. Maim” has a powerful beat and lyric structure that’ll make anyone want to take on the world, and has convinced us that that is exactly Grimes’s plan. Seriously, this girl can do anything.

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