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[Bass] Asher Shashaty – LA On My Mind w/ Dani King

Asher Shashaty and Dani King are smashing it with their latest achievements. Asher’s ‘Beach House’ hit the charts in three countries on Apple Music, with over 600,000 plays across streaming platforms. He’s lined up collaborations with Luma, Messinian, and Mayor Apeshit. Dani King, meanwhile, has been working with big names like Ace Aura, Bear Grillz, Sully, and Oliverse, releasing tracks on top labels like Wakaan, Monstercat, Disciple, and NCS.

Asher started his journey in a small town, craving the diversity and vibrancy of a big city. Moving to LA turned his dreams into reality, immersing him in a rich cultural landscape that fueled his music. Dani King’s story is one of relentless effort and talent, making waves through her impressive collaborations and honing in her own sound that can be picked out of a lineup.

‘LA On My Mind,’ is a heartfelt ode to Los Angeles. The lyrics reflect Asher’s transition from his small town to the bustling, multicultural world of LA. The song perfectly captures the city’s essence, celebrating how people from different backgrounds come together, sharing experiences from beach outings and sunset hikes to nights out in the city.

And there’s even more to love! The video for ‘LA On My Mind’ drops on June 21st, bringing the spirit of Los Angeles to life. This song and video are a true celebration of LA’s unique culture and its ability to unite people. It’s hard not to love and shows just how well these two work together.

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[Electronic] Asher Shashaty – Astral Spring LP

The Florida producer Asher Shashaty has been releasing a steady flow of singles that now have led up to his second album, Astral Spring. The 10-track project showcases the evolution of Asher’s sound that continues to expand into diverse sonic territories. From dubstep, to future, trap and more, Astral Spring has a vibe for everyone.

Collaborators on the project include Dani King, Miyoki, Misdom, and more; all of whom bring their A-game to elevate an already solid project by Asher. Expressing a great mix of genres can sometimes be a tough task, but Asher keeps everything within a strong contextual scope to make for a fluid experience from start to finish.

I’m so thankful the album is finally out. I feel so blessed to be able to make music for everyone who wants to listen. I put all of myself into my music, so Astral Spring is a big piece of myself that I am happy to present to you.” – Asher

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[Electronic] Asher Shashaty, Take a Guess, Sacred Snow – Luminesce Entities

“Luminesce Entities” is the creative culmination between Asher Shashaty, Take a Guess and Sacred Snow. With the former two on production and the latter on vocals, this talented team put together a spiritually charged record that’s both memorable and unique.

Throwing genres out the door, this multi-faceted record takes influence from several styles and molds them together in epic fashion. With Winter on its way, “Luminesce Entities” is the chiller anthem that you’re going to want on your playlist as you kick back inside while the cold takes over the outside. Check it out now and add it to your playlists!

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[Dubstep] Asher Shashaty – Over The Edge EP

A newer face in the dubstep scene is Asher Shashaty who caught our attention with his Over The Edge EP. For fans of bass that’s a bit more on the experimental side, this 3 track project shall be of interest to you.

Over The Edge features collaborators including Stvnk Fvce, Peytn, Bvss Tactic, Justtjokay, and Mike’s Revenge by way of Asher’s remix of “ATL” that closes out the EP. With his originals, “Dynamite” kicks things off with a gritty gargantuan production that fuses hip-hop and dubstep. With “Find A Way” the sound shifts to a more dance-driven style blending house and breakbeat for a more uplifting boost of energy. Check out the EP today and stay tuned for more from Asher Shashaty.

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