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[Indie/Electronic] Autumn In June – MAGENTA LP

The ever so talented Autumn In June has an album out. If that doesn’t excite you, the only reason for it would be that you don’t know AIJ. If that’s the case, today we enlighten you and if you’re already familiar, then the MAGENTA LP will just increase your love for the LA musician.

Released independently, MAGENTA totals in twelve songs with no collaborators listed. It’s all Autumn In June and it’s all incredible. You don’t see a lot of independents releasing albums these days, and when they do a lot of the time things don’t feel entirely cohesive. That’s not the case with MAGENTA as each song plays off the others to create a full fledged aural picture that is dynamic and beautiful. It’s a project you don’t break up into singles, it’s one you just click play on and experience.

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