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[Electronic] TWO LANES – Away


The brotherly duo TWO LANES have made their way to the Lowly Palace imprint by way of their single “Away.” The original is a follow up to their remix of “Line of Sight” by another legendary duo, ODESZA.

“Away” is a dreamy adventure that will whisk you off to a lush world created by TWO LANES. These classicaly trained creatives let musicality breath through their works, this one especially. They’ve handled future bass before, but I think they’ve taken the genre a step beyond and in a bit of a different direction here – something a lot of producers are attempting to do, but failing.

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[Music Video] AWAY – Honest To God (Feat. Charity)

Here in the dojo we’re all about AWAY. Each time a release comes our way we’re ecstatic with what he’s put together and that’s no different when he puts together a visual project. The release of his music video for “Honest To God” with Charity is evidence enough that AWAY’s got the video game on lock too.

If you haven’t heard “Honest To God” then you’r in for a gloomy gem that will make its way to the top of your playlists in a hurry. Just as it is with AWAY’s music we get a dark video to accompany the record. We won’t get into too much detail, but it’s an intriguing tale that sucks you in; siphoning your attention until you can’t look away even if you tried. See for yourself!

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[Electronic] AWAY – Honest To Gød (feat. Charity)

Honest To Gød (feat. Charity)

AWAY is back at it, this time coming through the Lowly Palace pipeline with “Honest To Gød.” This original single features the LA vocalist Charity and shares a mind-bending array of styles all mixed together to AWAY’s liking.

Not only is it to AWAY’s liking, but it’s to ours and the hundreds of thousands of others who have heard the track since its release. It’s a dark, moody piece of music that shows off AWAY’s signature, something that has established him as a unique producer among a sea of generic caricatures. Together with Charity AWAY made “Honest To Gød” something truly memorable and will go down as one of the year’s most distinct and yet accessible records.

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[Music Video] AWAY – Sleepwalker ft. London Thor

Dark, twisted but incredibly beautiful, the music video for “Sleepwalker” by AWAY and London Thor is major. It feels like a cinematic masterpiece and that’s because that is exactly what it is, despite it being a music video.

AWAY and company did an amazing job. With the song, it’s a brooding single that packs a punch by itself, but when partnered with its visual component the whole package is extraordinary. The video bounces between the high quality shots of one storyline and the home videos of another. Together they form a moving experience that you just have to see for yourself. Be careful, this one approaches the NSFW line.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 249)

Do like to read me yap every Friday or do you just want the music? Regardless of your answer, I have words to write, but in all honesty you can skip them. We all know it’s Friday since we’ve been yearning for it since last Friday ended. You’d find out who made it on this week’s playlist if you skipped ahead, but if you wanna wet your lips with a little tease, we’ll have you know that producers like Shaan, HPNTK, Rad Cat, Basstrick, k?d x Varien and Jessica Audiffred can be found. As always, every track here is available as a free download if you still are collecting mp3s. If not, simply stream them below. Enjoy the weekend and make sure to #danceirresponsibly!

’Lost Kings Ft. Tinashe – Quit You (Shaan Remix)’
’AWAY – Sleepwalker (feat. London Thor)’
’HPNTK – Paper’
’future – mask off (rad cat remix)’
’BODY (Kameo & dEVOLVE Remix)’
’Hvnnibvl – On & On’
’Basstrick – Tinker Hatfield’
’ANGELZ – Devils (NuKid Remix)’
’k?d X Varien – Catherine’
’INF1N1TE – Alone’
’Doctor P – Going Gorillas (Jessica Audiffred Remix)’
’Peekabu – Ruthless (Free Download)’
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[Future Bass] THEY. – Motley Crue (AWAY Remix)

Motley Crue (AWAY Remix)

Sometimes when rummaging through Soundcloud, you get a little sullied because of how much mediocre future bass is out there. It’s a tasteful genre that not everyone can nail, but AWAY absolutely crushed it. With a remix of “Motley Crue” by THEY., AWAY managed to show off now only prowess with the genre, but song-writing versatility that few can manage. By the end of it we get a more bass heavy trip hop vibe than future that will just blow your mind. Before that we are met with well-produced composition whose rhythmic structures are that of genius.

Nothing is over the top about this record; everything about it screams quality and tastefulness. Many producers would have simply made two songs out of these drops, instead of making them work in one fully magnificent package. AWAY isn’t taking the easy route, and it will surely pay off if he delivers more top-shelf records like this one. This is the LA artist’s first track on Soundcloud, so we’re really anticipating something special this year from AWAY. After streaming this track on repeat a million times, head over to iTunes for a copy.

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