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[Wave] barnacle boi – Love Hotel

Ian Oliver, the man behind the moniker barnacle boi and hailing from the wintry climes of Denver, Colorado, has burst onto the East Coast scene with a style and resonance uniquely his own. His latest offering, “Love Hotel,” provides a sonic window into the heart and soul of this emerging talent, all while teasing the eagerly awaited INTROSPECT EP.

“Love Hotel” encompasses barnacle boi’s signature touch: a blend of haunting tones, punctuated by intricate percussion and vocals that resonate, all wrapped in the theme of wave music. There’s an authenticity in his sound, perhaps a reflection of those formative Denver years — a city known for its diverse musical palette. Yet, his style isn’t just about looking back; barnacle boi has an uncanny knack for breathing fresh life into classics, evidenced by his reimagined hits from the likes of tAtU and Linkin Park.

barnacle boi’s name graced the lineups of prominent festivals this year: Imagine Fest, Wakaan Fest, Elements Fest, and Sound Haven, to name a few. His presence at these events not only boosted his reputation but showcased why his music has widespread appeal.

The accolades and endorsements have stacked high. When industry stalwarts like Alice Glass, or pop-culture icons like Finn Wolfhard, rally behind an artist, you know there’s substance behind the sound.

‘Love Hotel’ will have to satisfy while we await Introspect EP, one fact remains undebatable as well: barnacle boi marks a fascinating chapter in electronic music’s rich narrative. This, my friends, is just the beginning.

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