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FRND – Be Happy (Syence Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Be Happy (Syence Remix)

Even though FRND just released the single (and music video) for the song “Be Happy” that wasn’t enough. To expand the single further, FRND enlisted the help of Syence for a sweet official remix that you get a first listen to in this Music Ninja Premiere.

Syence keeps a somewhat similar vibe to the original, but adds in his own future bass touches to the mix. In its new form, “Be Happy” is a bit more bubbly, with a slightly increased groove that makes it a bit more dance-able and light-hearted. Enjoy a first listen to Syence’s take and check below to see just what the producer had to say about taking on this project.

Our remix of FRND’s Be Happy came together cohesively. We thought taking the emotionally dark lyrics and putting them in a much more uplifting scene worked really well, so we focused on all the good times we’ve had with people before they’ve moved on from our lives to create this track.

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[Music Video] FRND – Be Happy

What we’re used to from FRND is the release of a great single. With his fourth original release however, it’s not just a great song we’re getting, but a sweet animated music video to go along with it. The project is “Be Happy” and that’s just how we’re feeling for this one.

Now, “Be Happy” isn’t as straightforward as you may think. The lyrics don’t paint a simple scenario, rather one that has multiple layers underneath the general claim (and name) of the song. It represents a matured moment in life, one that isn’t so easy to come to with regard to relationships – or as the song describes, past relationships. Yet again FRND sways us with a magical track and the video takes all the emotions to the next level. It’s a smash hit and it’s something your library needs. Add it through iTunes today.

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