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[Downtempo] Beacon – Running Out

Running Out

Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett first crossed paths in Brooklyn back in 2011– a meeting that would eventually birth the electronic downtempo duo Beacon. The duo has produced multiple studio albums and brings an electronic sound that’s deep and vocals that are soultry. In a way it’s like they’re pioneering their own dark R&B genre, using synths that are reminiscent of produers like oOoOO and beautifully reverberant vocals, which are always done by them. Thankfully they’ve released another full length album with Ghostly International, Escapements, and they’ve got one of our favorite tracks by them so far on there, “Running Out.”

“Running Out” commences with, simultaneously, an insanely deep bass synth and insanely airy vocals. It’s a juxtaposition that’s become quintessential in their work but still takes us aback, because it’s done so well. The first half of the tune the vocals are really taking the stage, but about half way through the song the tact of their electronic producing makes a showcase, the vocals disappear, and it leads up to a pretty epic balad chorus that’s backed with all of the intensity of their rhythm and beat design.

The rest of the tracks on the album put on a similar display, but we really just had to bring this Beacon track especially to you, because we think it’s especially awesome.

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