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BEARBOT: An upcoming remixing machine [Interview]


I am speechless, my mind just blew up. So many artists from completely opposite genres into one insane song remixed in such a flawless manner…wow! Bearbot just dropped it like it was hot with her new remix song called Mixtape and just like the title suggests, it’s a combination of remixes into one long enjoyable song. Bearbot an artist/ musician from New York City most recently known for reminxg Ratatat and Justice in a song titled “We are your friends” a couple of months back.

Mixtape – Bearbot


Stuntin’ Like My Only Swerving ( Lil Wayne vs. El Ten Eleven) – Bearbot

”Stuntin’ Like My Only Swerving”

The original song used in Stuntin’ Like My Only Swerving above
My Only Swerving – El Ten Eleven
”My Only Swerving”

You are Friend (Ratatat and Justice) – Bearbot (Give it a hypem heart!)

”You are Friend (Ratatat and Justice)”

I got a chance to interview Bearbot about her new song “Mixtape” and her life as a remixing goddess:

First of all I would like to know if you can give a couple of the artists you used for Mixtape

In Order :
1. 20th century fox theme song – Alfred Newman |2. Let There Be Light – Justice |3: Vanished- Crystal Castles |4. Hustlin’ – Rick Ross |5. Wraith Pinned in the Mist – Of Montreal |6. Human After All – Daft Punk |7: Lex- Ratatat 8: Sweet Pea – Amos Lee |9: What You Know – T.I.|10. Saturdays – Cut Copy |11. |Back In Your Head – Tegan and Sara |12. Woman – MSTRKRFT 13. Kids – MGMT |14. Stuntin’ Like My addy – Lil Wayne|15. Golden Skans – The Klaxons| 16. Boys – M.I.A 17. Quicksand – La Roux |18. Pop Champagne – Birdman ft. Lil Wayne |19. Seventeen Years – Ratatat|20. We Are Your Friends – Justice vs. Simian| 21. A Milli – Lil Wayne 22. Exstasy – Dan Black |23. Touch The Sky – Kanye West 24. Anything New – Digitalism 25. Stay Fly – Three 6 Mafia|

You started composing music early on in life, what instruments did you play before starting to remix? And was there a specific event that made you pick up remixing?

I’ve played the piano, guitar, bass, drums and the violin. I’ve always wanted to put together a band but whenever I got a couple of musicians together, we’d always get distracted into doing other things. I realized that If I wanted to make a band, it would have to be just me so I thought about what I could do and *chaching* I heard a song by Girl Talk and thought about remixing! I got down to business and figured out ways to remix mash-ups. I started out with audio samples on Garage band and elevated to the magical, Ableton Live.

Remixing: a lifestyle or a hobby? a part-time job?

A hobby with a touch of income! : )

Is there anything out there you would like to remix but haven’t tried yet?

I’ve always wanted to sample everyday activities like on the subways in new york this guy announces things like “stand clear of the closing doors please.” I think it will be a farmiliarsound to people and familiar things remind people of home and comfort. I’d like my music to relax people and show them they can always have a good time no matter what situation they are in.

I have actually been curious about starting to get my hands dirty into some remixing, any recommendations for someone who is interested in starting? How long does it take you to finish a song?

It takes me about a day to start and finish a song but thats only when I am not distracted by things. I get distracted very easily. I suggest you use the program Ableton Live. One of my top inspirations , Daft Punk uses this program and It can really do magic.

Can you let us know next time you throw your next Bearbot party?

There will be MANY Bearbot parties coming in the near future! WATCH OUT!!!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Bearbot! To listen to more of her songs check out her Website . myspace and thesixtyone Profile

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