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[Electronic] Able Grey – Beauty Fades

“Beauty Fades,” performed by male vocalist Hymn and female vocalist NoelleMichelle, tackles the challenge of maintaining romantic love throughout a lifetime. The duet’s dynamic, blending masculine and feminine voices, enhances the song’s relatable theme.

The track begins with a dramatic combination of strings and piano, creating a soft yet gripping foundation. As the chorus approaches, the energy builds, incorporating melodic bass elements that highlight the song’s message. The climax features vocal chops and melodic fills, leading into a powerful drop before returning to its initial simplicity. The song concludes with a profound reminder of the romantic legacy we leave behind.

Able Grey, a rising talent in the Chicago music scene, brings a fresh approach to his live performances. Armed with an electronic drum pad and a MIDI controller, he crafts a unique blend of sounds that resonate with diverse audiences. His shows feature a mix of edits, mashups, original compositions, and remixes.

Able Grey has graced major festivals such as North Coast, Summer Camp, and Backwoods. Scheduled to perform at Beyond Wonderland in June 2024, his music has gained support from industry giants like Excision and Nicky Romero. With international performances from Bermuda to Greece, Able Grey’s success continues to grow, promising a bright future.

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