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Bobby Nourmand – B E C A U S E [TMN PREMIERE]

Bobby Nourmand

1969 was a long time ago. It’s the weekend, so we’re not going to do the math, but all those years ago The Beatles created a song called “Because” that was released on the iconic Abbey Road album. Flash forward to now, and we have Bobby Nourmand turning out a dark, minimal re-imagining of the song that the ninjas are delivering to you before anyone else with this premiere.

Bobby comes to us from Los Angeles with an affinity for remixing classic hits from the likes of The Doors and the Rolling Stones. He keeps the ball rolling hard by creating a haunting production of “Because” that will have you feeling all sorts of goosebumps in the best way possible. Keep the frisson going by throwing this on repeat, just as we have, or download it for yourself without spending a penny!

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